Ania Jalosinska

I’m a graphic designer by profession – I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław in 2002. However, my Master’s thesis was about fashion and this is the field I had been active in for the next 8 years after getting the diploma. The adventure with tattooing started ca. 10 years ago, as something that was supposed to be just a hobby or a side job. Very quickly it turned into my passion and lifestyle. I spent the last 8 years travelling and tattooing on practically every continent on Earth. In the next few years, I started missing fashion and design, so I began to move in that direction again, searching for ways that would make it possible for me to do both at the same time. Designing prints for clothes using tattoo design sketches turned out to be my way and currently the only method to integrate both these passions. My experience in working with the body when designing clothing helped me understand working with the body in the profession of a tattooist, and now, after many years of tattooing this profession has enriched me in the ability to fit a picture to the body – a richer picture, more dynamic, telling stories. Applying a picture on a close-fitting clothing such as leggings requires practically the same process as preparing a tattoo for a leg. There’s magic in it.