Hello! It’s us – the creators of ‘Rebel Skin.’

We proudly present you with the result of our work.

Let our clothes wear well and remind you of your inner rebel every single day. Of the strength with which you push forward, fight for what is yours and overcome subsequent limits.

At the core of the idea is the need to do something m o r e. To create something unique and extraordinary. To go f u r t h e r. We are sportspeople and create products for people like us. Our leggins are a p r o c e s s. For over a year we were testing fabrics for density, flexibility and thickness – so as to reach the optimum in every respect. We tested various cuts – the good ones and the better ones – to finally come up with the perfect model. It’s good. What next? There’s a thought, an i d e a! Let’s blend functionality with esthetics! Let us make our leggings into a piece of art. Let’s introduce real art to the gyms and fitness rooms. Everything starts coming together, begins to make sense and take final shape.

Our patterns are designed by a r t i s t s. Everyone has something to say and to show. Tattooists, muralists, illustrators. Bizarre, sometimes psychedelic patterns, unconventional esthetics, a lot of asymmetry. We tell them: “Do something you’ve always wanted to tattoo!”. We say: “Don’t impose any limits on yourselves!” We don’t interfere: we i n s p i r e. All our products are sewn in Poland, from Polish fabrics, in cooperation with the ID Group company based in Łódź – Poland.


  • top quality functional fabrics; very durable as well as soft and pleasant to the touch at the same time; fitting the body perfectly;
  • ‘breathable’ and wicking fabrics;
  • suitable, optimal fabric density; opaque (no showing-through);
  • wide, comfortable belt at the waist;
  • reinforced, flat seams ensuring the highest comfort of use;
  • polished up, asymmetrical waist: high and covered in the back; classic hipster cut (drop waist!) in the front;
  • the inks we use in our designs are characterised by a very intense, lively and deep palette of colours and excellent durability.


NEW! The most perfect version of REBEL SKIN leggins in history. Designed specifically to enhance the female figure and ensure perfect workout comfort.

  • our own cut – the effect of long tests and many prototypes
  • wide belt enabling you to wear the leggings the way you like it – high waist or hipsters after rolling the belt down
  • thick, bilaterally black material on the buttocks – NO SHOWING THROUGH!
  • comfortable flat seams
  • a special fold on the seam between the buttocks – emphasises your curves beautifully

Everything starts in your head. Allow yourself some extravagance