Hoodie Lime Jalosinska Projekt I – Greem Lime Frog

Lush lime-green hoodie with a big, deep, ‘monkastic’ hood, a project from Ania Jalosińska.
A sketched frog and an energetic palette of shades of green and purple.

colour | energy | vibrations | nature | joy



This is it. Perfect. Your most beautiful hoodie!
It’s warm and soft. It drapes on the body beautifully and wraps you up. It will be your favourite one from the very first time you wear it.

Again, we wanted art to accompany you in your everyday life. The design and main theme of the hoodie are matched to the colour, and the colour matches the design. Everything is right where it should. Everything has been considered. Each our project is an integral whole, fine-tuned to the smallest detail.

  • Big, deep, ‘monkastic’ hood with design from an artist.
  • Deepened, feminine neckline (showing the collarbones and the line of the neck).
  • Soft, structural fabric (90% cotton; 10% PES).
  • Basis weight 340 G.S.M; warm and ‘succulent’.
  • Designed and made in Poland 
  • Comfortablefront pouch pocket  finished with insert corresponding to the design on the hood (apart from esthetic values, they also protect the pocket from pilling).
  • The fabric with the print (on the inner side of the hood) Is silky and pleasant to the touch (it is not slippery!).
  • Well though-out sleeve finish (long sleeves with hand finishes inspired by combat sports, thanks to which it does not restrict movement, is comfortable when worn for a long time and the sleeve does not roll up).
  • It is possible to fasten the hood under the neck on colder days.


main fabric, dyed: printed material (hood interior with design):
90% cotton 10% polyester 95% polyester 5% spandex

Rebel Skin You have it! Piece of Art

Put the Rebel’s Skin on.

Tabela rozmiarów

NOTE! The hoodie has a loose, oversize cut. We d e l i b e r a t e l y marked the sizes as I, II and III , so that you would not be misled by the standard division into XS, S, M and L.

In the picture, I’m wearing Size II. I’m 166 cm tall and weigh around 60 kg, but (!) I like having a ‘bigger’ and looser hoodie. Although I wear S size leggins, I usually choose M size hoodies.

At the same time, Size II is perfect for taller girls (ca. 170 – 172 cm, 70 – 75 kg) – it has adequately long sleeves and drapes on the body beautifully.

Choose Size II if, like me, you like oversized clothes to wrap yourself in, if you’re tall (over 170 cm), or wear a standard M or L.

Choose Size I if you prefer a closer fitting hoofie or if you’re short and petite (XS and S).

Choose Size III if you’re tall and like really sizeable hoodies, or if you want your hoodie to be long. Our Size III can be worn both by a tall S size and standard M and L sizes.

We also recommend Size III to taller girls with pretty big breasts.



We do our best for your Rebel Skins to reach you as soon as possible. If you order before 11:00 a.m., the package will be sent on the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 a.m. are sent on the next working day.

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The artist about the project:

The old pond --
A frog leaps in,
Sound of the water.

Haiku : Matsuo Basho


This illustration is a collage of smaller drawings created during my last year’s stay in Taipei, Taiwan. While there, it’s hard not to notice a fascination with ornaments and the symbolism of animals in Asia. .

TTaiwan is greatly influenced by Japanese culture, and in Japan, a frog is a popular amulet – symbolising prosperity, positive change and happy comebacks – it may be a return to a place, a return home, to a state of the mind – but also to status in society or also to financial prosperity.

This amulet is present everywhere – in the shape of pictures, pendants, cute figurines.

Inspired by its Japanese symbolism, I wanted the frog to be leaping up from the depth of the hood, just like all life changes emerge slowly from the abyss and storm clouds, from which we come back after purification, after experience. It is possible that we’re returning to the old pond. Maybe a fly sometimes buzzes there or some worm crawls out of somewhere, but the state of our mind is clear, we are ready to embrace the new and be joined to the rhythm of nature – renewed, ready to adapt to transformation and metamorphosis. The symbol of the latter in Japanese culture is the butterfly…

Free from restraints, out of the corner of our eye we catch a reflection in the blue, transparent water, symbolising peace and hope.


  1. Karolina Cieślik

    Limonka rządzi! To był mój hit lata 2021. Nie było już rozmiaru II i postanowiłam zaryzykować rozmiar I (170 cm wzrostu, 55 kg) . Bardziej dopasowana od II, ale czuję się w niej tak samo dobrze. Gdybym miała kupować trzecią, to nie wiem, który rozmiar 🙂

  2. Karolina Cieślik

    Limonka była hitem lata 2021. Polecam!

  3. Karolina Cieślik

    Mam limonkę i szarą. Obydwie świetne, ale to limonka była hitem lata 2021. Polecam!

  4. Aleksandra

    Obawiałam się tego szalonego koloru, ale ta bluza dodaje energii. Jest dosłownie soczysta i energetyczna. Jedyna w swoim rodzaju Świetna jakościowo, ale jak dla mnie bardziej na wiosnę. Nie jest za gruba. Świetne detale jak zaczep pod kapturem i miejsce na kciuka na ściągaczu. Bardzo polecam!!!


    Bluza cudowna z całego serca polecam. Jak wszystko od Rebel


    Długa myślałam i wymyśliłam. Bluza cudowna fajnie się nosi

  7. makamila

    Czaiłam się na tę bluzę od dłuższego czasu, ale był tylko dostępny rozmiar I, a u mnie 174 cm i łapy długie… Niepotrzebnie tak długo czekałam, bo rozmiar I okazał się być idealny. Rękawy są długaśne nawet w rozmiarze I, a że ja lubię krótsze i bardziej dopasowane bluzy to wybór okazał się strzałem w 10 🙂 Kaptur obszerny, który bez problemu mieści moją “cebulkę” i nie wyglądam jak w czepku kąpielowym 🙂 Kolor wyrazisty i o to chodziło 🙂 Super bluza!

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Hoodie Lime Jalosinska Projekt I - Greem Lime Frog

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