Leggings Premium Jalosinska P3

Rich, fascinating symbolism of Hindu god Ganesh in sharply outlined design full of references and depth.
Strong contrasts and thoughtful colouristic elements, referring to Hinduist myths.
Balance in the Universe…

Bottle green and dirty turquoises, broken with intense yellow.

balance | equilibrium | rebirth | magic | symbolism | freedom



The most perfect version of REBEL SKIN leggins in history.
Sports leggings designed specifically to enhance the female figure and ensure perfect workout comfort.

  • Our own cut – resulting from long tests and many prototypes,
  • Wide belt enabling you to wear the leggings the way you like it – high waist or hipsters after rolling the belt down,
  • This model’s structure completely eliminates showing through – thick, bilaterally black material on the buttocks,
  • Comfortable flat seams,
  • A special fold on the seam between the buttocks – emphasises your curves beautifully.

Rebel Skin sports leggins are a one-off product.
Each our model is a unique piece, polished up in every detail, signed by the artist working on its creation. Artistic concept & prefect practical execution.



  • 77% polyester
  • 23% elastan

They’re like your second skin.

Put the Rebel’s Skin on.

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We do our best for your Rebel Skins to reach you as soon as possible. If you order before 11:00 a.m., the package will be sent on the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 a.m. are sent on the next working day.

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The artist about the project:

This portrait is a journey into the magical world of His symbolism – illustration inspired by the story of the God Ganesh, who is the highest deity in Hinduism. I recommend that you read the myth telling the story of how it came about, it’s really interesting …

I was intrigued by the fact that his image is a collection of fascinating symbols. Each aspect of this figure carries a message. Called the Galactic God, he keeps the balance in the universe between the four basic elements – dharma/calling, artha/wellbeing, kama/joy of life, and moksha/freedom.

Ganesh teaches us – for example, the lotus flower he is holding in his hand is a symbol of rebirth, survival – a beautiful flower emerging from mud – the light always comes after the dark, and beauty is born…

Ganesh is the beginning, a new way in life. As an amulet, he accompanies us in creating positive changes, steps forward. As a patron of success and survival, he also provides protection from adversity, levitating in space against the background of the grey and turquoise skies. And being simultaneously the beginning and the end, he is firmly planted in the greenness of Mother Earth. The yellow colour that I used in graphical elements of the illustration also carries much symbolism and is connected to the story of Ganesh – among other things, the myth says that his mother used turmeric in the process of creating her son. The colour yellow is also closely connected to the Muladhara chakra, and Ganesh is the deity guarding this chakra.

The well-known Om symbol, hiding behind the head of Ganesh in an abstract form, is also mentioned in the symbolism of this god. In its shape, it is also considered the physical reflection of his figure.

I am fascinated by print on fabric, so the background of the illustration is additionally decorated with ornaments and patterns referring to an old Hindu technique of applying prints to fabrics – each element is printed separately by hand with a stamp. It is an activity that manifestly teaches one patience and precision… which is… what god Ganesh is teaching us 🙂

    moje ukochane, pierwsze (i nie ostatnie!) z wysokim stanem! długo szukałam legginsów idealnych na jogę, które nie będą się zsuwać przy bardziej wymagających asanach -te są idealne! polecam!

  2. Ewa Skrzek-Bączkowska

    Leginsy fantastyczne! Zarówno pod kątem wygody, jak i wyglądu! Niebawem historię z nimi związaną opowiem dzieciom na zajęciach, tworząc baśniową opowieść jogową! Dlatego fakt jest jeden – to więcej niż leginsy!!! Już myślę o kolejnym zakupie!!! Dziękuję!!!!

  3. Kristin

    Najlepsze leginsy ze wszystkich jakie mam. Czuję się w nich wyjątkowo i kobieco.

  4. Kristin

    Najlepsze leginsy ze wszystkich jakie mam. Moje pierwsze ale napewno nie ostatnie. Czuję się w nich wyjątkowo.

  5. Patrycja Ziemba

    Moja 4 para legginsów od Nich, absolutny sztos, nie spadają z tyłka, 3maja się na miejscu nawet podczas mocno dynamicznych treningów CF. Nie prześwitują, polecam teraz czas na krótkie 😉

  6. Magdalena Piętka

    Moje pierwsze Rebelki ❤ Materiał wysokiej jakości, bardzo dobrze uszyte. Mega wygodne. Do tego świetny projekt i inspirująca symbolika. Najlepsze legginsy ever <3 Jednym słowem PETARDA ❤

  7. Nat

    Marta! Bardzo nam miło! ;* Staramy się Kochana! Niech legginy cudnie się noszą, i… do zobaczenia! <3

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Leggings Premium Jalosinska P3

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