Leggings Kubarska P1

Don’t be fooled by the pink background! 😉

This project is a really strong message, socially and culturally involved. Here NOTHING is found by chance, and the multitude of details, forms and messages provoke analysis and reflection…
It is a project so firmly embedded in our reality, ight here and now, current, that looking at these leggings / this work, in a few years – you will think … ‘yes … it was 2o21’ …

rebellion | freedom | cyber psychedelic | online loneliness | dystopia



Sports leggins made of breathable function fabric.
Idealnie dopasowane do sylwetki, nieprześwitujące.
Perfect body fit, non-see-through. Reinforced flat seams ensure long use and maximum comfort during workouts. The perfect leggings for fitness and the gym! The wide, elastic belt keeps the leggings exactly where they should be.

  • Elaborate asymmetrical shape: in the front – drop waist (hipsters);
  • back – higher waist.

Rebel Skin sports leggins are a one-off product.
Each our model is a unique piece, polished up in every detail, signed by the artist working on its creation. Artistic concept & prefect practical execution.



  • 77% polyester
  • 23% spandex

They’re like your second skin.

Put the Rebel’s Skin on.


We do our best for your Rebel Skins to reach you as soon as possible. If you order before 11:00 a.m., the package will be sent on the same day. Orders placed after 12:00 a.m. are sent on the next working day.

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The artist about the project:

"t started with Nekomata, a Japanese demon who animates and rules the dead, and this, combined with cyberpsychodel, has created a picture of a modern dystopia.

This project illustrates our being forced into the unreal world, where the greatest measure is popularity, even the most momentary one ... To feel a bit of virtual love, we lose our ideals. We fall into more and more loneliness, even though the avatars say they love us. By the time. To the first mistake, to the first stumble. Algorithms and systems into which we have been crammed are convenient, but they take away from us what we are fighting for - freedom. The figure of Marcus Aurelius is to remind that not all is lost yet, that the final judgments have not been taken, and the intellect still has a chance to defend itself.

I would like this piece to be discussed and resonated with sensitive strings."

  1. Aleksandra Bernacka

    Ja nie lubię legginsów ale……. 🙂 obok tego wzoru nie dało się przejść obojętnie więc postanowiłam je kupić. Po odebraniu z paczkomatu zabrałam je od razu na pierwszy ogień czyli trening na siłowni i do tego nogi. Dużo przysiadów, wyciskanie ciężaru nogami, wykroki itp. Pierwsze wrażenia : legginsy bardzo wygodne, nie wałkują się , nogawki się nie skręcają , wszystko pozostaje na miejscu 🙂 do tego wzór niepowtarzalny,kolorowo-komiksowy i robiący duże wrażenia na współćwiczących 🙂
    podsumowując : jak już mam nosić legginsy to muszą być kolorowe i ma je być po widać 🙂 te są idealne , przymierzam się do zakupu kolejnych 🙂

  2. Magdalena Kudrycka

    Dobra robota : cudowny wzór, mega kompozycja. Polecam❤️❤️❤️

  3. ko7ecek

    SUPERAŚNE !!! Rewelacyjny nadruk! Zdecydowanie polecam!

  4. Ania

    Intensywne kolory, mega jakość i wykonanie. Polecam

  5. joannanuckowska

    Jak zawsze mega oryginalne i wygodne ❤👌

  6. walkyrja

    Ten wzór jest rewelacyjny! Bardzo się cieszę, że mam akurat te legginsy w swojej kolekcji. Do tego sa bardzo wygodne. Polecam.

  7. Iza

    Przepiękne kolory, bardzo wygodne, polecam

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Leggings Kubarska P1

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