Neska “is me as an artist, a tattoo artist. A shorter and easier to remember name than “Agnieszka Brzozowska”. Also easier to pronounce for customers from other countries. 🙂

Since 2016, he has been dealing with tattooing professionally, and since 2019 I have been co-creating the Kropla Tusz studio in Kielce. However, I spend more and more time tattooing in Essen at the Art Faktors studio.

My tattooing is a natural result of what I have loved since I can remember: drawing and painting. I used to paint with watercolors in preschool age and I always drew something.

Then I went to a drawing course, and then to the Art Secondary School in Kielce and the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. After graduation, for some time I designed costumes for the Kielce Dance Theater and for dance groups, somewhat in line with my education: Fashion Designer. I worked as a painter in an art studio. And then there was a time when I could change everything at work again and that’s when I got into tattooing. Dream job!