Kasia Kot

It’s me – Kasia Kot. The only thing I know about myself is that I emerged from the sea (near Gdańsk). Then I went full steam to school to make use of my brand-new hands transformed from fins. At school, I revelled in the expressive possibilities of creating. It was nice, but it wasn’t enough for me, so I decided to broaden my horizons. I jumped to university and completed a Master’s programme. But I was drawn to paints, so I turned to tattooing. It’s been 5 years since I grabbed a tattoo machine and took it to the forest. Luckily, it was close. The most inspirations were waiting for me in the woods – moss, ferns, brambles, blueberries and wild strawberries (ahhh, wild strawberries…) and I’m still drawing from these resources. There’s still much left, so straw after straw, I move these goods onto human skin, bringing the forest closer to people. I’ve been thinking for a long time how to connect these dots, lines and paint strokes with my beloved psychology, and the solution just came to me, as it usually does. I started cooperating with a university where I hold creativity psychology workshops. I’m kinda trying to remove some mysticism from it, to show that everybody reaches for creative solutions in their lives, so it’s worth it to have a stretched brain so that it is easier to reach. In the meantime, I also managed to create two new beings with soft skin and pink cheeks and this I consider my greatest achievement. Time will tell what comes next. My intuition is telling me that it is good to occupy oneself with the things fate brings you, and I try not to pick fights with intuition.